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The MOTUS collection is an example of a combination of new generation design and sophisticated style. The secret of the hypnotic appeal of the MOTUS collection is in the special mechanism of the moving caste, which sets the stone in smooth motion.

Natural gemstones
18k gold

The RATTLER Collection - Sacred snake symbolism embodies eternal love and temptation, vital force and passion, femininity and fertility. ⠀

Transformer earrings with a removable garnet pendant
Double ring with asymmetrical natural stones

The mystical SATTELITE collection - one of the finest fusions of natural stones, the texture of precious metal, and unique design.

Transformer stud earrings

The CATENIS collection - naturalness and simplicity, dressed in the classics of jewelry art.


SIDERA is a signature collection of trendy jewelry geometry. Floral motifs in a minimalist design with beautifully cut gemstones.